Volatile Psycle – Godzilla

admin November 21, 2012 0

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This drumstep track was my favorite off of Volatile Psycle’sGet Rowdy” EP, released through Heavy Artillery this week! It’s One of five new tunes on this EP which includes three drum and bass/drumstep tracks and two glitch hop tunes.

From Heavy Artillery:

Britain’s bad bwoy beat bombers Volatile Psycle obliterate heads with twisted masterpieces that’ll make your mom mosh! Heavy stomping drums shake the floor like an earthquake as morphing basslines summon the fallout! If that’s not enough, Volatile Psycle and Charged join forces on the ultra funky Gramophone taking things up about 10 notches! Big beats from the ill streets of Britain, don’t sleep on this!

Volatile Psycle

Two lads hailing from a part of the land made famous only by Bernard matthews, Horatio Nelson and Alan Partridge. Bosh.