Trollphace – Feeble Efforts

admin November 6, 2012 0

trollphace dubstep feeble efforts

This new dubstep duo just recently began showing up on my radar. No more than a few months old as a group, Trollphace has been garnering a pretty impressive amount of attention due to their heavy, filthy tunes that feature their own unique style of chest rattling basslines. After giving away a few freebies and drumming up a little publicity, it looks like they’re already set to release some new tracks on Chronos Records!

They just dropped this HEAVY new dubstep track on their soundcloud – forthcoming Chronos Records, no word on release date yet! We’ll be keeping a close on these guys though!

We’re also stoked to see them coming out to Detroit where we’re based next month courtesy of Dub Down! They’ll be joined by Notixx and a sick lineup of our favorite local DJ’s and producers and I can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store for us then. -



TrollPhace is made up of two heavy hitting, bone crushing producers, both of whom have major support from artists such as 6Blocc, Davr, Mantis, JPhelpz, Captian Panic, iNexus, Seiza, Squalid Squad, as well as many more, and have multiple releases on avenues such as Turn That Damn Music Down, Filthsteps, Mutated Sounds, Jittersteps, and Jesus Died For Dubstep.

Their tracks hit you with all new mind numbing sounds that make your body move. And their use of techniques from not only EDM but other forms of music such as Hip Hop and Deathcore allow for a new style of production that has never been heard before. With their over all “Fuck It” attitude towards everything fans should come to expect nothing but the heaviest of the heavy from these two. No matter if they are in a night club, a backyard, or in front of 50 thousand people these two bring a show packed with unreleased tracks, originals, and an over all experience that leaves you begging for more.