The Damn Bell Doors – Crush Skulls EP

admin December 7, 2012 0

Been hearing a lot of noise recently from The Damn Bell Doors; this two man dup from Russia have been known for their heavy, filthy, and all around high energy dubstep/drum and bass tunes, which is what makes the name of their most recent EP to drop on “Freakz Me Out Records” so fitting.

The “Crush Skulls” EP features three brand new original tracks from the Damn Bell Doors, two of which also feature Whiskey Pete. “Crush Skulls” and “Knockout” are arguably drum and bass/drumstep while “Time 2 Thrash” is 110bpm.

Give the EP a listen and pick it up now if you’re feeling it!

01.Crush Skulls Feat. Whiskey Pete (Original Mix) [03:28]
02.Time 2 Thrash Feat. Whiskey Pete (Original Mix) [04:36]
03.Knockout Feat. A Girl and A Gun (Original Mix) [03:30]

The Damn Bell Doors