The Best Over Ear Headphones: Buying Guide By Price

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Full sized, circumaural, over ear headphones – they go by different names, but they all refer to the same thing. Despite the growing popularity of in ear headphones or earbuds as they’re sometimes called, audio professionals, DJ’s, and music enthusiasts in general will always love their full sized over the ear headphones.

Despite not being nearly as portable or discreet as in ear headphones, headphones that cover and surround each of your ears provide a level of sound quality, space, and depth that most in ear headphones simply cannot achieve. Because of this, they still remain the top choice for audiophiles and professionals who need to (or simply want to) hear sound with the highest level of detail and depth as possible.

The Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100 Dollars

Shure SRH-440

shure 440 headphones over ear reviewShure is a brand of headphones that I love due to their no frills approach to their headphones. They look fairly plain; no gaudy logos or graphics, shiny parts, or unnecessary bulk, and they’re at a price range which reflects this. That isn’t to say that they aren’t excellent quality, however – in fact, quite the contrary.

The sound quality on the Shure SRH 440′s is downright fantastic, especially when it comes to mid range frequencies. Although the Shure 440′s aren’t lacking in any department, their true strength lies in the mid range and higher frequencies somewhat. Bassheads might find these headphones lacking for their specific needs due to the fact that there is no clear emphasis on bass frequencies like many of the newer models of headphones seem to feature, and some might find that aspect of the extremely balanced Shure 440′s to be something they don’t like.

This keen attention to precise sound reproduction is what makes them especially suited for studio monitoring or mastering. The deep sound stage gives different frequences, instruments, etc. clear seperation and allows the user to accurately hear everything just as it was originally intended by the artist.

Their lightweight construction essentially comes down to the fact that they’re almost entirely made of a lightweight but very sturdy plastic. Unlike cheap plastic that you know is going to break down sooner or later, I have yet to hear any complaints about the Shure SRH 440 headphones breaking or coming apart in any way even with extensive use.

  • Keen attention to sound reproduction
  • Travel and transport ready – ear cups are collapsible and allow the user to fold up easily
  • Over ear headphones design provides a three dimensional sound stage with depth
  • Sound quality is excellent, especially when it comes to the mid and higher range frequencies
  • Extremely lightweight construction of durable plastic

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Sony MDR-V6

sony mdr v6 over the ear headphones reviewsHeadphones are constantly improving and cycling out the old with the new, so it might come as a surprise to some that the Sony MDR-V6 headphones have been around for over 25 years! Most headphones are lucky to last 5 – 10, so it would stand to reason that the Sony MDR-V6′s must have something special about them that has allowed them to stay relevant after so much time.

That much is true. Since the 80′s, these have been Sony’s entry level studio monitoring headphones. Not only can you find them at the relatively low price range of 70 – 80 dollars or so, but for the low price they offer an impressive amount of power and have no issues keeping noise from the outside the earphones from getting in. Due to their ability to keep external noise out while offering excellent sound quality, they make great DJ headphones.

Being very durable and portable also contributes to their praise as some of the best headphones for DJing at this price. After 25 years of testing in the real world, the Sony MDR-V6 headphones have always gotten favorable reviews in terms of being able to take a beating. Being designed for portability helps, too – they not only come with a soft carrying case, but the ear cups themselves fold up into the device in order to store safely and with much less space taken up.

  • Soft carrying case included with purchase
  • Comfortable earpads allow for hours of use without fatigue
  • Circumaural design prevents sound leakage in or out
  • Built to take a beating – extremely durable construction which stands the test of time
  • Excellent sound quality which is always clear and crisp
  • Ear cups fold up in order to transport safely and with less space
  • 10 foot long coiled cord prevents tangling

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Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

sennheiser hd 280 headphones reviewA staple in the headphones enthusiasts community, many people start off with the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones as an entry level model into their new addiction. They’re priced at just under 100 dollars and are regarded among many as some of the best headphones to get started with as someone new to more advanced audio equipment.

Because of their lower price and universal praise among audiophiles, these are some of the most popular over ear headphones available. This is due not only to the fact that the Sennheiser name is well known among audio professionals of all sorts as being one of the leading brands in the industry, but because of their overall complete package that they offer to the user. Audio quality is top notch, and in fact downright impressive for headphones under 100 dollars. You’re provided a rich sound stage that reproduces very rich low range frequencies (bass) and especially crisp and bright mids and highs.

These are especially nice for travel/portability too. Not only are they very lightweight for full size over the ear headphones (which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods as well) but the Sennheiser HD 280′s have the ability to fold the ear cups up into themselves for space saving and to prevent damage during transport.

  • Collapsible ear cups allow for safe and easy transportation
  • Over ear headphones with noise cancelling abilities – eliminates up to 32 decibels of external noise!
  • Lightweight design makes them easy to transport and comfortable to wear for hours
  • Rich, full sound stage with warm bass and crisp highs/mids
  • Ear cups swivel around in order to form fit your head perfectly
  • Comfortable and adjustable headband allows you to adjust strength of the grip effortlessly

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Sony MDR-XB500

over ear headphones sony mdr xb500 reviewIf you’re looking for an amazing pair of some of the best bass headphones under 100 dollars that are currently available, the Sony MDR XB500′s might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Although these over ear headphones were designed with the bass fanatic in mind, that doesn’t mean that they over do it any way. You’ll still experience the crisp, bright mids and highs that you would expect out of an excellent pair of over the ear headphones, even though the XB500′s clearly are most attentive to lower frequencies. Instead of over powering the other frequencies, the Sony MDR-XB500 headphones manage to merge the rich bass reproduction with the mids and highs in an impressive, warm sound stage that will literally have you feeling each time that the bass hits! This is achieved with the specifically angled audio drivers within the earphones themselves that are angled so that they’ll be parallel your ears, which contributes greatly to reducing pressure on your ears and thus increases comfort.

Speaking of feeling and comfort, just by looking at these headphones you should be able to deduce that they’re extremely comfortable! With 1.8 inch thick giant cushioned leather ear pads, you don’t ever have to be concerned with too much pressure or fatigue. You can literally lay your head down on these cushioned ear pads for hours while listening to music without the pressure bothering the ears; an impressive feat for any headphones!

As with most over ear headphones, the sound isolation on these are great. There is little to no sound leakage so that you won’t bother those around you when blasting the volume on them, and you don’t have to worry about outside influences muddying up your listening experience.

  • Audio drivers positioned parallel to ears in order to reduce pressure, increase comfort, and eliminate fatigue
  • Tightly sealed over ear design keeps the noise you want inside and prevents leaking
  • Large, thick, extremely comfortable ear cushions (1.8 inches thick!)
  • Carrying pouch included with purchase
  • Deep, rich undistorted bass response with crispy mids and highs
  • Wide sound stage with exceptional bass
  • Lightweight design due to lack of unnecessary parts and lightweight plastic material

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The Best Over Ear Headphones Under 200 Dollars

Audio Technica M50 Headphones

audio technica ath m50 headphone reviewsPossibly one of the most popular brands of headphones and in fact one of the most popular entry level professional headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-M50′s are often considered a “gateway drug” of headphones – you get a taste of some high quality headphones like these and you’ll soon be trying to save up the cash for a $500+ pair!

Their popularity is well deserved though, at least in my eyes. Not only are they relatively inexpensive (at under $150 or so in most cases) but they’re an amazing all around package for someone looking to get their feet wet with high quality headphones. The bass response is excellent; the warm, full, and dynamic sound stage will downright impress you, especially if you aren’t accustomed to quality headphones yet. Even audio enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to go into the four figures range will tell you that these are an awesome all around choice. Even if the bass is probably the most prominent/emphasized feature, that isn’t to say the mids or highs are lacking at all either.

You can rest assured that the Audio Technica M50 over ear headphones are going to last you quite a while as well. They’re very durable, made from an extremely sturdy and thick hard plastic primarily (which also remains lightweight), and all of the spots which connections are made (hinges and whatnot) are built to withstand quite a beating before showing any signs of wear and tear. The padded headband and ear cups allow you to wear them for hours without succumbing to any negative effects of fatigue as well.

  • Warm, emphasized bass response to satisfy bassheads and enthusiasts
  • Pivoting ear cups rotate from side to side
  • Soft carrying case included with purchase
  • 9 foot long cord
  • Thick, adjustable padded headband for comfort
  • Closed over the ear headphones/ear cups isolate sound and prevent leakage in or out
  • Lightweight design and collapsible ear cups make portability/travel a non issue

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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones

beyerdynamic dt 770 over ear headphonesBeyerdynamic has a reputation for making excellent audio equipment – for years they’ve been a leader in the industry, producing everything from microphones, headsets for pilots, and some of the best headphones around. They might not be as widely known as their Sennheiser or Audio Technica counterparts, but they have a very large following/fan base, especially among musicians and audio professionals from every walk of life.

The Beyerdynamic 770 Pro headphones are a favorite among audio enthusiasts as well, and for good reason. Especially those seeking headphones that are going to reproduce sound at an accurate level, these might be your best bet. Unlike plenty of modern headphones that emphasize the bass too much muddying the remaining frequencies, these reproduce sound “flatly” in a good way. Due to the large, circumaural design of the ear cups, you’re provided with an extremely rich sound stage. While some over ear headphones are shallow and practically press against your ears, there’s a ton of “space” inside of the ear cups. You can hear/feel this three dimensional space, giving the sound a very dynamic feel.

In terms of comfort, the Beyerdynamic 770 Pros are hard to beat! Just looking at them, it’s clear that the plush ear cups are comfortable. It’s downright surprising how lightweight these are too considering their size – bulky looking headphones like these tend to be a bit heavier, fatiguing my neck after too much time being worn, but that’s not necessarily the case with these. At just over half a pound (0.6 to be exact) these headphones aren’t a problem to bring around or wear for extended periods of use.

It’s primarily their construction from lightweight plastics/polymer materials which gives them their light weight and durable finish. That being said, being built like a tank is another aspect of these headphones that I hadn’t really expected. Some headphones are simply going to be more fragile than others, but the DT 770 pros can take far more of a beating than most people probably realize! I’ve heard many accounts from users that they’ve practically beat these headphones to death only to have them keep going without any problems.

  • Build like a tank – these durable headphones can take a lot of damage without any issues
  • Large, soft, padded ear cushions assure comfort even after many hours of use
  • Lightweight construction (o.6 pounds) keeps them from fatiguing the user
  • Padded and adjustable headband for maximum comfort
  • Deep, spacious ear cups gives the sound stage a rich, three dimensional feel
  • Leather carrying case included for transportation and portability

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Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones

sennheiser hd 558 headphones reviewIt’s kind of a given that Sennheiser headphones are going to make it on each section of a list of best over ear headphones – along a few other big names, Sennheiser probably makes some of the most popular headphones for audio professionals, audio enthusiasts, and people who just need high quality headphones in general!

The Sennheiser HD 558 headphones stand out especially however. They’ve been around for years, and their excellent quality in all categories really sets them apart from their competition in this price range. Equipped with Sennheiser headphones “E.A.R.” (eargonomic acoustic refinement) technology and sound reflector technology contributes greatly to the excellent sound quality. Especially when it comes to the bass, a wide, deep, and spacious sound stage is precisely what you’re getting with these over ear headphones, and the included sound reflecting technology prevents hollowness or loss of quality in any frequency range.

The Sennheiser 558 headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, too. Made primarily of durable and semi lightweight plastics, these won’t weigh you down or give neck fatigue after hours of listening. The ear cushions and headband are also very soft and comfortable; you’ll find it easy to get a perfect fit due to the adjustable headband and ear cups which swivel.

  • Plush velour ear cushions and adjustable headband provide amazing comfort
  • Include Senneheiser headphones patented “E.A.R” (eargonomic acoustic refinement) technology for professional clarity
  • Internal sound reflector provides an amazing three dimensional sound stage for increased width and depth
  • Cord is 10 feet long
  • Completely closed circumaural headphones prevent any and all leaking of sound in or out
  • Ear cushions and cable both are detachable and can be replaced

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Shure SRH840 Headphones

shure 840 headphones reviewThese are a favorite of many due to their simple, no frills design and straightforward approach. Unlike many headphones that boast gaudy looks and unnecessary bells and whistles but end up falling apart when it comes to sound quality, the Shure SRH 840 headphones are an excellent choice.

For the price, it’s difficult to beat the Shure SRH 840′s. They look simplistic, and they are – but that’s really where their strength lies. You can pay double the price of these headphones and end up with a pretty package that ultimately fails to deliver the raw audio quality that people are truly seeking in a pair of quality headphones. The consistency of the sound quality across a wide range of frequencies and genres is particularly notable. Instead of being particularly effective for a  narrow range of music, the Shure SRH 840′s are great for casual listening of just about any type of music you might have. The clarity and harmony between low, medium and high frequencies is rarely as balanced.

Shure makes these headphones very portable as well. Not only do they come with a carrying case, but the ear cups themselves individually collapse into themselves. When folded up, these headphones take up very little space and can be placed inside a backpack or stored away with little concern that they’ll be damaged.

  • Straightforward, no frills design provides excellent sound quality at a relatively low price
  • Consistent, clear sound across a variety of frequencies and genres
  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Replacement cord AND earpads both included with purchase
  • Very efficient; even Ipods/MP3 players can drive them strongly without an amp

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V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Over Ear Headphones

V moda crossfade lp2 over ear headphones reviewsV-Moda has been prominent in the audio equipment industry for some time now, rolling out some of the more unique models that we’ve ever seen. With a penchant for sleek looking design as well as high quality standards, the V-Moda Crossfade LP2′s make some of the best headphones under 200 dollars that sound great and look like it too!

A favorite choice for many among DJ headphones, the Crossfade LP2 headphones are a more advanced, durable, and higher quality version than their predecessor, the original V-Moda Crossfade LP’s. Many professionals love them as DJ headphones due to the sound isolating over ear headphones design, the extreme durability, and the unique look and feel that they provide the user. One might think that all of the extra “bells and whistles” these headphones come with could be in an effort to distract from sub par sound quality, build, etc., but I’m happy to say that this isn’t the case at all!

The V-Moda Crossfade LP2′s come equipped with two 50mm sound drivers, designed specifically to create a wide, deep sound stage that effectively isolates the sound inside the headphones from any sound outside of them. Considering they were designed specifically with DJ use in mind, this is obviously important to being able to mix and monitor without the noise all around you interfering. The bass is just ever so emphasized with the crossfade LP2′s; the dynamic sound stage created within the circumaural ear cups provides a rich taste of every frequency range without muddying or crowding whatsoever.

Durability is downright IMPRESSIVE with the V-moda’s as well! Not only are all of the parts constructed from a very sturdy metal which can survive all manner of beatings. Military grade stress tests conducted by V-Moda proves their ability to handle hundreds of drops onto hard surfaces from 6+ feet, millions of bends of the cables/cords, complete twisting of the headband, etc. Environmental tests with heat, cold, sweat, salt, etc. also prove their ability to take on these environmental factors with no issue. If that wasn’t enough, the Crossfade LP2′s even come equipped with a HARD carrying case, which is a serious improvement on the cloth/mesh bags that most headphones come with for travel!

  • Hard carrying case for easy travel/portability with purchase
  • Some of the most durable on ear headphones; multiple military grade tests administered
  • 50 mm Dual-Diaphragm drivers deliver amazing sound quality with ide, deep sound stage
  • Excellent noise isolation with the circumaural ear cups
  • V-PORT V3 Airflow System creates a unique 3D sound stage through regulation of air which goes in and out of each earphone for maximum audio quality
  • Constructed from lightweight materials
  • Available with customizable colors and logos for
  • BLISS memory foam ear pad cushions ensure maximum comfort for long periods of use

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Denon AH-D1100 Over The Ear Headphones

Denon ahd 1100 over the ear headphones reviews

As a part of Denons “luxury acoustic” line, these amazing bass heavy over ear headphones live up to that name and then some. These are most definitely excellent headphones for the bass enthusiast – although thankfully the low frequencies don’t interfere or “muddy” the highs and mids in any way, the Denon AH-D1100 are some of the best bass headphones you’ll find in this price range. The bass feels very tight, punchy, and full, accompanied by the clear and crisp mids and highs.

Denon’s “acoustic optimizer” technology is what provides the three dimensional, wide sound stage that Denon users have become accustomed to. By automatically adjusting the balance of sound pressure in front of and behind the diaphragm of the sound drivers, muffling or distortion that might otherwise cause the audio to sound unclear in any way is eliminated completely.

The deep, spacious ear cup dimensions also help to make the three dimensional sound perfect, as well as providing a comfortable fit for long periods of time. Unlike some over ear headphones that go over the ears yet still press the shallow cups up against your ears, the Denon D1100 headphones are deep and full of plenty of space. Along with the soft protein leather foam ear cushions, these features make them effortless to wear for extended sessions of at home listening or mixing.

  • Aluminum Ear cups with soft protein leather foam ear cushions for max comfort
  • Acoustic optimizer design improves low frequency extension & smooths overall response by regulating sound pressure balance around the driver
  • 3.5 meter extension cable and soft carrying case included with purchase
  • Part of Denon’s “Acoustic Luxury” line of headphones
  • Adjustable headband with contour fit ergonomic design
  • Tightly coiled bass response along with crispy mids and bright highs
  • Wide, fully three dimensional sound stage with plenty of depth
  • Ear cups can swivel around for achieving a perfectly fitting and closed sound stage
  • Collapsible ear cups allow for safe and easy transportation

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The Best Over Ear Headphones Under 300 Dollars

Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones

sennheiser hd 598 best headphonesSennheiser’s most expensive and highest quality headphones in the 500 series (over the Sennheiser HD 518 and 558 models), these are a pair of great over ear headphones that seem to have the whole package in terms of style and functionality.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Sennheiser HD 598′s is the elegant look and feel, which Sennheiser admits is based on inspiration from European sport cars, which is easy to see. The burl wood accents along with the sleek white and brown/red finish give them a sleek, sexy look that is hard to rival. If listening to music in style is one of your priorities, the Sennheiser 598 headphones might be exactly what you’re looking for.

That isn’t to say that the HD 598 headphones emphasize form over function, however; quite the contrary! Much like most modern Sennheiser headphones available, the HD 598′s come equipped with the top of the line technology which makes them so well respected among audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. Built in E.A.R technology (eargonomic acoustic refinement) from Sennheiser along with their advanced duofol diaphragms work together in order to provide the listener with a deep and wide sound stage which mimics being in front of an advanced studio monitor speaker system. The bass is deep, and the mids have a lush, textured warm feel to them which can sometimes be hard to find.

Comfort is absolutely top notch with the Sennheiser HD 598′s as well. The over ear headphones design completely surrounds the users ear with a thick cushion of soft velour, while the headband is covered in thick padding as well. They’re absolutely lovely to wear, even for hours on end. The padded headband can be adjusted to the perfect fit, and there’s none of the “vice grip” feel that unfortunately plagues some would-be great over the ear headphones!

  • Sound stage is wide, dynamic, and airy
  • Include Sennheiser headphones patented “E.A.R” (eargonomic acoustic refinement) technology for professional clarity and sound quality
  • Sleek look and feel inspired by luxury European cars
  • Advanced Sennheiser Duofol diaphragms reduce any and all distortion
  • Large soft velour ear cushions are extremely comfortable
  • Plush, padded adjustable headband
  • Cord is removable and replaceable; headphone jack is chrome plated (10 feet)
  • Bass is prominent and punchy; mids are lush and warm
  • Ear cushions are detachable and replaceable
  • Sennheiser duofol diaphragms eliminate distortion

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AKG K550 Closed Back Headphones

akg k550 over ear headphones reviewNew on the market this year (2012), the AKG K550 headphones are stylish, functional, and have some of the highest quality sound of any headphones in this price range. It seems to have it all – the accuracy and depth of the AKG K702′s, but with a deeper, more full bass response. In terms of completely sealed closed back headphones, these blow the competition away.

These are a fantastic option for those seeking a completely sealed over ear headphone design. The sound is absolutely excellent, and avoids the “boxy” sort of sound that many closed back headphones unfortunately are plagued with. The bass isn’t overly boomy or overwhelming, nor does it clash with the mids or high at all.

This is difficult for most sealed over the ear headphones due to the difficulty of making the sound stage sound three dimensional, which the AKG K550′s tend to achieve with surprising attention to detail. The mid and high ranges have an analytical amount of detail, while the bass/low frequencies are deep and extremely textured – the amount of depth seems endless! This is due to the 50mm sound drivers on the AKG 550′s, which is the most powerful among any other closed over the ear AKG headphones. The accuracy with which sound is reproduced make these excellent reference quality headphones as well.

The majority of the construction of the AKG K550′s is from a tough, durable metal – everything with the exception of the ear cushions and the thin pleather headband. Obviously very durable, these headphones won’t have any of the somewhat common issues other full sized headphones have such as plastic cracking, the headband starting to come apart, etc. It also gives them a very sleek, unobtrusive look and feel to them that those who aren’t a fan of some of the more flashy looking headphones will certainly appreciate.

  • Constructed primarily of lightweight metals for durability and portability
  • Ear cups can swivel back and forth, allowing for them to be laid flat and taking up little space
  • 9 foot long durable cable included
  • Soft and thick velour ear pads which are replaceable
  • The AKG 550′s are completely sealed, closed back headphones that isolate sound well without leaking
  • Numerical indicators on the adjustable headband indicate precise length
  • Extreme accuracy and attention to detail with reproduction of sound
  • Ear cups swivel for finding the perfect fit while allowing the headphones to lay flat for easy storage/transport

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Ultrasone Pro 750 Headphones

ultrasone 750 headphones review over earThe Ultrasone Pro 750′s are a great pair of circumaural headphones, despite being a little different from many other modern models.

Sound quality on the Ultrasone Pro 750′s is excellent, and are almost beyond reference quality when it comes to how clear the sound is. They’re truly balanced across the frequency spectrum to the point that some users have gone as far as saying that they’re a bit harsh and sharp when it comes to the mids and highs.

While I see what these people are saying, I tend to believe that’s simply because most people are accustomed to a more “warm” sound stage than the Ultrasone 750 headphones are designed to produce. I might even describe them as a little “cold”, although this isn’t a bad thing.

Their true strength lies in the fact that they’re able to reproduce sound so well and with such accuracy that many people end up pushing them way too far into the high and mid ranges looking for jaw rattling bass. Although the bass is present and downright tight/punchy, it doesn’t go beyond what is intended, and that could turn some users off if they’re looking for a clear emphasis on bass.

The Ultrasone Pro 750′s come with some pretty decent accessories as well. First and foremost, a HARD carrying case! While a small bonus, it’s awesome considering the fact that almost all headphones come with a soft carrying case if you’re lucky, which does little to protect your headphones during travel or in storage. An extra pair of ear cushions are included as well in case yours should require replacing.

  • Analytical detail to clear, crisp, accurate reproduction of sound
  • Full “surround sound” three dimensional sound stage
  • Bass is tight and punchy; doesn’t muddy or intrude on other frequencies at all
  • Extreme balance of sound across the entire frequency spectrum
  • Mids and highs are extremely clear and crisp
  • Hard carrying case for convenient travel or storage
  • Clear, analytical, detailed, “cold” reproduction of sound with clear separation

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The Best Over Ear Headphones Under 500 Dollars

Denon AH-D2000

best denon ahd 2000 over the ear headphones reviewOne of the best headphones available (especially at this price range) as rated not only by myself but by countless other users over the years as well, the Denon AH-D2000 headphones are truly a gem. Many describe them as being downright perfect, and it’s not hard to see why once you’ve tried them out.

The construction of the Denon D2000′s is excellent – no frills, extra bulk, or bells and whistles; just a pair of high quality headphones. The entire exterior of the headphones themselves are constructed from a lightweight magnesium which makes these very durable while remaining lightweight at the same time. The magnesium finish on the exterior gives them a really “professional”, high quality look and feel to them that you’d have to actually experience to get a clear picture of. The ear pads are some of the most comfortable we’ve tried – you might not be able to tell just by looking, but the ear cushions on the AH D2000′s are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. That goes for the adjustable headband which is made from the same materials as well.

The sound quality, however, are where these circumaural headphones have really made themselves a name among audio enthusiasts. These are truly reference quality headphones that provide a downright analytical amount of detail to audio response. As some of (if not THE) the best over ear headphones in their price range, the Denon D2000′s provide a ridiculously accurate, three dimensional sound stage with bass depth that seems endless! Most prize these for being some of the best bass headphones while not emphasizing it over the other elements of the sound. The low frequencies can be heard with a depth unlike many others without the slightest hint of intruding on the highs and mids. This is sometimes difficult do do with completely closed back over ear headphones like these, but Denon seems to have nailed it with the AH-D2000 models.

  • Large, comfortable sealed leather ear cushions with padded headband for comfort
  • Isolates sound and allows little leakage of sound in or out of the ear cups
  • Lightweight construction makes them comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Prominent, full, and rich bass response/reproduction with pristine highs
  • Extremely durable thick, braided and long (3+ meters) cord
  • Highly adjustable padded headband for finding the perfect fit
  • Replaceable and detachable ear cushions

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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

best over ear headphones Sennheiser HD 650 headphones reviewConsidered by many to be some of the worlds best over ear headphones (or just best headphones in general even), these circumaural headphones have been the go to headphones for audio enthusiasts and professionals in all walks of life for years.

One of the major issues many headphones have is that they’re TOO “warm”, muddying and overpowering the mids and high level frequencies. On the other hand, being on the complete other end of the spectrum is a problem as well – some professional reference quality headphones can be so precise and analytical with their reproduction of sound that they’re “cold” and lack feeling or texture in exchange for pristine clarity. Great for professional studio mixing and mastering, but perhaps not so great for casual listening and enjoyment of music.

This is why the Senneheiser HD 650 headphones are some of the best over ear headphones in the world – their unique ability to merge the warm, smooth, exciting side of sound with crisp and analytical clarity, giving you the user the best of both worlds. Because of this, you’ll find that just about any and all genres of music sound just as amazing on these headphones since all frequencies are balanced between each other just right. The sound stage is extremely wide and dynamic, with enough attention to precise details to hear the clear separation between each and every sound individually.

The Sennheiser HD 650′s look and feel great as well. Unlike most headphones which are made of a tough and durable plastic, the HD650′s have a professional titanium finish. This adds a little more weight to them than some other Sennheiser headphones, but not enough to become a nuisance. The ear cushions and headband are both made from a soft velour material that feels very comfortable to wear for long periods. The ear cups have a perfect amount of depth, too – deep enough to fit the ears comfortably and shallow enough to provide tight bass. The open back design also makes the sound reproduction more natural and airy.

The only con? Any music listened to that isn’t of the highest quality format will be instantly recognized. The Sennheiser HD 650′s are able to show you with crystal clear clarity just how excellent a high quality track can sound, but at the same time it can make low quality bit/sample rates sound so poor in comparison!

  • Sleek and durable titanium metal finish
  • Pristine merging of warm and fun sound with clear, crisp analytical attention to detail
  • Considered to the worlds best headphones by many audio professionals
  • Soft velour ear pads and headband for maximum comfort
  • Lively and exciting warmth and clarity allows for excellent performance in all genres of music/types of sound
  • Deep enough ear cups for hours of comfort without fatigue
  • Ear pads are replaceable in the case of damage
  • Wide, dynamic sound stage with depth that provides clear separation of sound
  • Open back design gives an airy feel to sound while remaining tight and controlled

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