The Best Bass Headphones: Finding The Best Headphones For Bass Music

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As a seasoned bass head, owning a pair of the best headphones for bass that I can track down are of paramount importance to me.

Whether you most enjoy listening to electronic music, hip hop, jazz, rock, etc., for most people, a strong bass response is typically the most favorable for the average person. Professional audio engineers and musicians certainly need headphones that reproduce sound analytically and with a flat audio response, but when it comes to casual listening for enjoyment a bit of added/boosted bass is what makes listening to your favorite music that much more fun and dynamic.

Without further ado, we’ve found some of the best bass headphones on the market that are currently available. We’ve tried to keep the list as relevant to the average person as possible too, meaning that most of the selections will cover a price range of $100 – $300 or so; obviously the more expensive headphones in the world cover an even wider frequency range.

If you’re looking for headphones with enough bass to rattle your jaw, look no further than our carefully selected choices below!

Name Brand Price
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones Beyerdynamic $184.95 See Full Details
Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones Sony $67.99 See Full Details
Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Headphones Audio Technica $178.00 See Full Details
Ultrasone HFI-780 Headphones Ultrasone $149.95 See Full Details
Klipsch Image S4 Enhanced Bass In Ear Headphones Klipsch $55.13 See Full Details
Monster Pro Turbine In Ear Headphones Monster $278.00 See Full Details


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones

best bass headphones beyerdynamic dt 770 pro reviewThe Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro’s are universally considered some of the best headphones for bass lovers. Not only are they excellent when it comes to the sound quality, but in just about every imaginable way they’re amazing headphones for all purposes. They won’t completely break the bank either – priced at under 200 dollars, they’re some of the best bass headphone values you’re going to find.

Bass, of course, is the Beyerdynamics strong suit – Beyerdynamics utilizes closed “bass reflex” technology which, in laymans terms, enables the DT 770 Pro headphones to create the deepest, most accurate bass response that is possible. The sealed, over the ear closed design also adds plenty of depth to what they already provide by creating a three dimensional sound stage with more depth than headphones twice the price can manage.

Despite being a major contender when it comes to being some of the best bass headphones on the market, mids and highs don’t suffer whatsoever – unlike many headphones which simply boost the bass which then bleeds into the mids and highs and ruining the entire mix, the DT 770 pro’s three dimensional sound stage creates accurate and smooth separation between all varying sounds and instruments.

Besides having great sound quality, the DT 770′s are extremely durable. Despite looking bulky and fragile, they’re actually known to take quite a beating and keep on chugging without missing a beat. Weighing in at just under 10 ounces (9.6 to be exact), these headphones are lightweight enough to take with you and be very comfortable. Comfort is another are these headphones have covered, too – one glance at those giant velour ear pads should say everything!

    • Extremely durable headphones that can take plenty of abuse
    • Weigh in at just under 10 ounces making them very lightweight
    • Sealed, closed back design prevents leaking of sound or external noise from entering
    • Three dimensional sound stage with accurate response of all frequency ranges
    • Plenty of depth and space within the ear cups
    • Comes with leather carrying case for easy transportation
    • Beyerdynamic Bass Reflex technology provides deep, textured bass that’s hard to rival
    • Velour padded ear cups and headband for complete comfort even after hours of use
    • Despite extreme durability, all parts are easy to service and replaceable

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Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones

sony mdr-xb500 extra bass headphones reviewThe fact that Sony made these headphones for bass lovers is obvious – so much so that it’s included in the name itself.

The Sony mdr-xb500 extra bass headphones definitely live up to their name, providing plenty of extra bass that headphones more suited to studio and monitoring use simply do not. While studio and monitoring headphones with a more “flat” response have their place, the best bass headphones purposely boost the bass levels, making lower frequencies more textured and present in the mix for a more fun and entertaining listening experience.

The impressive level of bass for these headphones is achieved primarily from Sony’s 40mm audio drivers within each earphone. Besides being top of the line drivers in and of themselves, they’re also atrategically positioned parallel to your ears in order to create the strongest bass presence possible while increasing comfort, eliminating fatigue, and reducing pressure.

That’s why the Sony xb500 headphones are so well suited to music which is already intended to be heard in this manner. Electronic music, rock, hip hop – anything with a lively and exciting atmosphere is perfect for these.

Even at this price range, the Sony MDR-XB500′s are some of the best quality headphones for combining rich bass with crisp highs and mids. Instead of overpowering other frequency ranges like so many other cheap headphones do in order to push more bass, the XB500′s combine them in an elegant manner which creates a very impressive, warm sound stage which is textured and three dimensional.

Comfort wise, the entire line of Sony’s extra bass headphones boasts thick, comfortable ear cups that feel like giant pillows on the sides of your head! At almost 2 inches thick, the pads on the MDR-XB500 headphones are comfortable enough to wear for hours without issues. These large, over the ear cups also provide excellent sound isolation, preventing leaking of most sound as well as preventing external noise from entering.

  • Audio drivers are strategically positioned to eliminate fatigue, increase comfort, and reduce pressure
  • Sealed, closed headphones prevents external noise from entering and internal sound from leaking
  • Carrying pouch included with purchase
  • Sound stage is three dimensional with plenty of texture and depth for all frequency ranges
  • Lightweight design due to lack of unnecessary parts and lightweight plastic material
  • 1.8 inch thick ear cushions are extremely comfortable to use for hours on end
  • Long 1.2 meter cord

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Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Headphones

best headphones for bass audio technica ath-pro700mk2 headphonesAudio Technica designed the ATH-PRO700MK2 headphones with a more specific purpose in mind than some headphones, that purpose being as DJ headphones. Many headphones are excellent studio or reference quality headphones but don’t have that exciting, lively factor that people like me are looking for in headphones for casual use.

The Audio Technica ath-pro700mk2 headphones, on the other hand, were made with these aspects as the most important by far! DJ headphones often make some of the best bass headphones because of the fact that when playing a live performance, being able to hear the beat through the loud ambient noise of a crowded venue is of the utmost importance.

With this in mind, the bass is accentuated more so than other frequency ranges. This is readily apparent in the pro700mk2′s. The bass is powerful, punchy, and very tight. Although it’s definitely emphasized over the other frequency ranges, mids and highs quality aren’t sacrificed. The best way to describe the sound quality would be to say that the bass is boosted while the mids and highs remain “flat” (in a good sense) and faithfully reproduced.

The ATH-PRO700mk2′s are built durably and lightweight, too. The strong military grade plastics are tough enough to stand quite a beating while being lightweight enough to transport with ease, weighing in at only 10 ounces. Like most Audio Technica headphones, the pro 700 mk2′s also have swiveling ear cups which can lay flat or fold up into the headband for compact storage and travel.

  • Tight, punchy bass response from Audio Technica’s custom 53mm sound drivers
  • Swiveling ear cups for comfort and ease of use
  • Ear cups fold up for compact storage and travel
  • 2 detachable 1.2 meter cables included with purchase, both coiled and straight
  • Durable, lightweight build out of military grade plastics (10 ounces)
  • Padded ear cups and adjustable headband makes it easy to find a perfect fit

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Ultrasone HFI-780 Headphones

ultrasone hfi-780 bass headphones reviewsOne of the words I would use to describe the overall “feel” of the HFI-780 headphones would be “aggressive”, and I mean this in a good way. If you’re looking for the best bass headphones, you’re probably looking for those with a more aggressive demeanor anyway. Bass response is very strong, punchy, but also very well controlled, and by that I mean it doesn’t bleed into the highs and mid range causing distortion or “muddiness”. Many cheap heavy bass headphones run into this common issue of completely overwhelming the rest of the audio and spoiling listening experience.

Ultrasone also equips their HFI-780 headphones with a number of unique features which really make them stand out from the crowd, even among other bass heavy headphones. Their S-Logic Natural Surround sound features, for instance, provide the user with one of the widest, most natural sounding three dimensional sound stages I’ve heard, even from some of the best headphones out there that are far more expensive than these.

The HFI-780′s genuinely provide a sound stage that sounds so natural and “real” that if feels more like being at a live concert than listening to headphones. There is a very clear, distinct separation between different sounds and instruments that is unrivaled by most other headphones.

Mids and highs are slightly less powerful than the bass of course, but that’s not to say that they’re lacking in any way either. The wide sound stage that the HFI-780′s provide allows you to hear each frequency range separately from one another. Instead of trying to hear distinct sounds through muffled, distorted bass like you must with many cheap headphones, you can hear everything sitting in the mix precisely as it’s intended and full of detail.

Besides the sound quality of the HFI-780′s, the construction and build is absolutely top notch as well. They’re lightweight (around 10 ounces) which makes them easy to wear for a long time without fatigue, and come with an adjustable padded headband as well as padded ear cups. The exterior is covered in a shaved aluminum finish, making them tough and durable while looking sleek at the same time.

  • S-Logic surround sound technology provides a more natural, three dimensional sound stage than most
  • Advanced acoustic design reduces pressure on ear drums by up to 30-40 percent for decreased fatigue
  • Strong, powerful, punchy yet controlled bass and low end frequencies
  • Detailed, reference quality audio response
  • Lightweight at only around 10 ounces
  • Sealed over ear headphones design prevents sound leaking in OR out
  • Ear cups fold up into the headband for convenient storage and transport
  • ULE metal shielding reduces radiation exposure by 98%
  • Included carying pouch
  • Includes 1 meter long cord with a 4 meter long extension cord

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The Best In Ear Headphones For Bass

Just because in ear headphones (also known as in ear monitorsIEM’s“, earbuds, etc) don’t fully surround your ears the way that full sized headphones do doesn’t mean you can’t get a very impressive range of bass out of them. In fact, you’d probably be surprised by how powerful the bass is on some of the best in ear headphones that are currently available.

Besides being more portable, generally less expensive, and a lot more discreet than full sized headphones, an increasing demand among casual listeners/consumers for more bass heavy in ear headphones is starting to result in some impressive models. Take a look at some of our favorite in ear headphones for bass below!

Klipsch Image S4 Enhanced Bass In Ear Headphones

klipsch image s4 bass headphonesKlipsch is no stranger to audio equipment – after over six decades in the industry, Klipsch has developed quite a fan following due to their consistently quality products. One of their most popular, the Klipsch Image S4 Enhanced Bass In Ear Headphones, have become a fast favorite due to their incredible bass response, durability, and relatively low price tag.

Some in ear headphones at over 2 – 3 times the price of the Klipsch Image S4′s haven’t been able to even come close to the quality. While highs, mediums, and lows are all high quality, the bass range obviously takes center stage.

If “Enhanced Bass” in the name didn’t tip you off enough, the emphasis on bass frequency is readily apparent the first time you try these out. Despite not having all of the sound stage advantages that full sized over the ear headphones have, the Klipsch Image S4 headphones push a very wide, full, textured sound stage with which feels and sounds just as deep.

The Image S4′s sound isolating oval ear tips are what makes this possible. Much like the closed back headphones which create an isolated environment in order to shape a full sound stage with no leaking audio, these oval tips prevent sound from going in or out. In order to ensure a perfect fit, the Klipsch Image S4′s include three different sizes of these washable oval tips.

You’ll also receive a quality metal carrying case for easy storage and transport of your headphones, which is excellent for people who plan to travel with them a lot. The included carrying case allows you to keep your earphones from becoming a tangled mess or suffering damage.

  • Three different sizes of washable oval ear tips for maximizing comfort and isolating sound
  • Specially designed oval nozzle designed for precise in ear alignment
  • Highly regarded as some of the best in ear headphones for bass
  • Mini cleaning kit included with purchase
  • Sound isolating ear tips create a wide, full three dimensional sound stage with enhanced bass response
  • Includes a long, durable 4.2 foot long cord
  • Can be purchased in either black or silver colors
  • Hard metal carrying case included with purchase for portability and transport without damage

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Want to know more? Take a look at our full Klipsch Image S4 Review!

Monster Pro Turbine In Ear Headphones

monster turbine bass headphonesThey might be a bit on the pricey side (especially for earbuds), but if you’re looking for some of the best in ear headphones on the market, the Monster Turbine Pros might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Equipped with one of the most impressive sets of included accessories I’ve ever seen with any headphones, a lifetime warranty from Monster, and of course some of the highest quality audio components available in modern times, the Monster Turbine Pros actually rival the capabilities of plenty of full size headphones that are more than twice the price of these.

Bass, as you might have guessed, is the Monster Turbine Pros strong suit. After so many sub par in ear headphones that failed to meet even the lowest expectations, I was very pleased to find that the Monster Turbine Pros were able to deliver bass that was deep, full bodied, and as heavy as any high quality headphones. Typically such a strong, wide sound stage can’t be achieved without full sized over the ear headphones, but the Monster Turbine Pros patented “Supertips” which are specially designed to create a sealed environment within your ear function just as well.

The problem with most in ear headphones or “earbuds” with strong bass is that they suffer in every other aspect, but that isn’t the case with the Monster Turbine Pros.

Instead of overwhelming or “muddying” the high and mid range frequencies, the Monster Turbine Pros bass levels meld perfectly and harmoniously with every other sound or instrument. No matter what kind of music you’re listening to; jazz, hip hop, rock, classical, etc., you’re going to hear clear separation between each and every aspect of your music/audio. That’s impressive for any headphones, but it’s truly mind blowing to experience on a pair of high quality earbuds like these.

If the amazing sound quality wasn’t enough, the Monster Turbine Pro’s also come equipped with some of the best accessories you could ask for. The patented “Supertips” come in a variety of shapes, sizes, AND materials in order to find that perfect fit and seal for hours of comfortable listening. Two different carrying pouches are also included which should suit any transport/storage needs you might have.

  • Sleek, stylish copper / chrome design provides an attractive exterior
  • Specially designed “Supertip” ear tips ensure a complete in ear seal for the highest quality audio experience and comfort
  • Two carrying cases included with purchase
  • Included ear tips come in variety of shapes, sizes, and materials in order to find the perfect fit
  • Over the ear hooks included in order to prevent falling out during running, exercising, or activity with a lot of movement
  • Monster Cables, some of the highest quality cables on the market for audio equipment
  • Deep, rich bass response with smooth, warm mids and bright, shimmery highs
  • Fully metal design and construction cancels out unwanted resonance
  • Ultra full and wide three dimensional sound stage
  • Sound isolating ear tips prevent sound from leaking out and external noise from creeping in
  • Pro strain relief design prevents fraying and damage to cables connecting to each earphone
  • Lifetime warranty even if you break them

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Check out our full Monster Pro Turbine Review for more info!

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