Silkdope – Sweet Dreams (Slogun & iOh Remix)

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Absolutely incredible drum and bass remix of Silkdope’sSweet Dreams” by Slogun & iOh! These guys are quickly becoming some of my favorite drum and bass producers; literally everything they do is fucking mind blowingly good. Their drum and bass remix of Sweet Dreams was featured on Silkdopes ”Sweet Dreams” EP, which also featured drum and bass / dubstep remixes from Cottonmouth, Seiza, Divine Elements, and Systek.

The Sweet Dreams EP was released on “The Underground Recordings“, who had this to say:

The Underground Recordings was established in 2011. Built off their YouTube promotion network, including ‘Underground Dubstep’. This release featuring five remixes of Sikdope’s latest success ‘Sweet Dreams’. Including Cottonmouth, Systek, Seiza, Slogun & iOh and Divine Elements. With the following DJ Support from Kannamix, MitiS and Fuzion. This is one release packed full of variety!

Slogun & iOh

Standing at the forefront of the new generation in Drum & Bass, Slogun & iOh are making serious waves with their upfront, new school sound. Hailing from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, their original productions and remixes have regularly climbed the Beatport charts and caught the attention of the global Drum & Bass community. Their massive basslines, catchy hooks, and distinctly stateside form of dancefloor DnB have quickly established them as one of the flagship acts on Heavy Artillery Recordings, and as one of the few American groups pushing DnB into a new sonic era. Recently their list of DJ supporters has grown to include major names in the genre, like Planet of the Drums, John B, DJ Rap, Random Movement, GeneticBros and more. With no slowing down in sight, Slogun & iOh are set to change what everyone thinks about American Drum & Bass.

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