Shure SRH840 Headphones Review

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shure srh 840 headphones reviewShure has been known for years as a trusted name in the audio and headphones business for some time now. Always delivering a great product at a great price, they’re truly a “no BS” brand in terms of great headphones.

This applies to the Shure SRH840 headphones just as well as any of their others: they don’t boast flashy designs, frills, or any sort of “bells and whistles”, but they do offer an exceptional sound quality with an excellent, ergonomic design at a fraction of the price that you’ll pay for the same quality with other brands.

  • Excellent sound quality with a warm feel
  • Airy and open sound stage to the closed over ear headphones design
  • Earphones themselves fold into the headband for portability and transport
  • Coiled cable ensures no tangling or knots
  • Extremely efficient; can be driven without an amp to excellent potential
  • High attention to sound reproduction; little no to emphasis on any frequency range over the other
  • Comes with replacement ear pads as well as coiled cable replacement
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Headband
  • Comes with pleather carrying bag that the Shure 840′s fit into perfectly when folded up

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Sound Quality

The Shure SRH 840′s are excellent in terms of reproducing sound with detail, clarity, and what can only be described as a “warm” feeling. It’s clear, detailed, and doesn’t over do it on any of the sound frequencies.

shure 840 headphones reviewsYou’re going to hear details that cheap headphones and speakers aren’t going to provide you with, and there’s a clear distinction made between all of the instruments and sounds so that you’re able to separate each of them as you listen instead of hearing a muddy mess of everything at once.

What may actually turn out to be a negative OR positive quality for many audio enthusiasts is that there truly is no emphasis on a specific sound with these headphones. Bass heads seeking headphones that are going to rattle their jaws off without having to push them very hard might want to look elsewhere, but that isn’t necessarily because they don’t have great bass response.

In fact, I’d say that the bass on these headphones is right where you want it – just as prominent as the musician intended while not overpowering the mids or highs in any way. In fact, the argument could be made that the mids are the strongest range on these, only because its difficult to pinpoint any sort of sound as having emphasis over the others.

Portability & Travel

As an added touch, the Shure SRH 840′s earcups fold into themselves in order to make them a lot more convenient for travel and portability. A lot of headphones utilize this sort of “folding into themselves” design precisely for this reason. Whether you plan to use them as dj headphones or just for mixing or listening to music at home, headphones are an awkward shape to be tossing into a backpack or bag in their standard shape.

shure headphones srh 840 review

One Of The Essentials Of Portable Headphones – The Ability To Fold Into Themselves For Safe And Easy Storage

Speaking of tossing them into a bag, one of the accessories that the Shure 840 headphonescome with is a pretty decent pleather carrying bag. It’s not going to be effective against damage like a hard case will, but it’s nice to have something to place them in when not using, and they don’t take up much space at all when folded up!

In regards to accessories, the Shure 840′s come with some pretty good ones. We’ve already covered the pleather carrying bag, but there’s also free replacement earpads AND another cable! This is pretty nice considering that most headphones require you to buy replacements for both of these. I’ve never had to actually replace either of these on mine, but it’s comforting to know that they’re there if you need them.

In general, the Shure SRH 840 headphones are going to give you exactly what you expect out of a pair of quality headphones; nothing more, nothing less. They aren’t going to blow your socks off if you’re a snobby audiophile like SOME of us (wink wink), but you certainly aren’t going to be disappointed either. For a great pair of headphones that sound great and deliver for just about anyone’s needs, you can’t ask for much better at this price range!


Comfort is a make or break matter to me when it comes to separating the “could be” from “are” among the best headphones – the best sounding headphones in the world are going to really get knocked down a notch if you can’t wear them for more than an hour due to comfort issues.

shure srh840 reviews headphones

The SRH 840′s From Shure Come Equipped With Soft Pleather Earpads – You Won’t Even Feel Them After A Few Minutes Of Use!


Thankfully the Shure SRH840 headphones don’t ail me in this department, either. They don’t feel like soft sheep skin or feather pillows attached to the sides of my head when wearing them, but they don’t hurt at all or fatigue ears after hours of use.

shure srh840 reviewThis is why I found it odd when I went looking for others opinions of on the SRH 840′s that some complained about them being a bit heavy for them. A lot of the weight is concentrated in what seems to be the solid rubber piece that makes up the majority of the headband.

Although I agree that it probably doesn’t need to be quite as heavy as it is, I never considered this an issue at all until hearing about it from some others. If you find that headphones fatigue your neck after long periods of time regardless of the model, these might not be for you, although I doubt the average person would notice this at all though.


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