Ry Legit – Superman LP

admin December 14, 2012 0

Wow, I’m super impressed with this new EP Ry Legit just dropped earlier this week on beatport through his own new label, Lightyear Records. While it’s been available through Itunes for over 6 months or so now, it wasn’t available on Beatport until now. This entire LP consists of 11 new tracks, each one an original from Ry Legit that spans multiple bass music genres including drum and bass, dubstep, and glitch hop.

Ry Legit, at least to me, has always been associated with some of the filthiest, heaviest tunes around. Although this whole album has that heavy, grimy Ry Legit style to it, it’s a huge improvement in complexity and intelligence on every single one over his older stuff which seems so simple in comparison to his latest work. While some people use filthy basslines to cover up the fact that there isn’t much more to their music, Ry Legit has done a great job combining killer production and arrangement skills to birth this album!

Ry Legit