Nato Feelz – The Naughty List EP

admin December 31, 2012 0

Nathan Fields AKA Nato Feelz, the 20 year old producer from Portland Oregon, just dropped this free EP, “The Naughty List” as a free gift to his fans! It features three new dubstep tracks, including a VIP of “Booty” which appeared on his Veil Of Fire EP released in August earlier this year. This is also not even a week since his brand new single “Killing Frenzy” dropped on Ultragore.

The other two dubstep tracks are originals from himself as well, which include “Drop Bombs” and “Lead Head“. Each track on the EP showcases Nato Feelz signiture heavy style that any bass head can truly appreciate.

If you’re feeling these latest free tunes, head over to Nato Feelz soundcloud or facebook where you can grab the download for free!

Nato Feelz – Booty VIP
Nato Feelz – Drop Bombs
Nato Feelz – Lead Head

Nato Feelz