MRK1 – Hench Takeover Dubstep Mix

admin November 6, 2012 0

mrk1 dubstep mix hench takeover

Somehow I missed this one when it originally came out, but it’s so good that I had to post it. MRK1 did a guest mix for HENCH recordings and this deep, heavy dubstep mix is what came of it! Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, you can grab this one for free download via MRK1‘s soundcloud!


0. Drop Bass – Mrk1 And Doctor
1 Deeper Than You – Mrk1 Feat Jamakabi
2 Judge Dredd Vip – Subzee-D
3 Tracks Feat. KoastBuy – Temo
4 Nightmeres – Jakes
5 Mercy Killing – Megalodon
6 Please Dont Make Me Switch – Stinkahbell
7 Disco – Trolley Snatcha
8 Area 51 – Megolodan
9 Judgement – Mrk1 And Doctor
10 Badman – Mrk1 And Doctor
11 Stand And Deliver – Mrk1 Feat Trigga And Flodan
11 Set Them Alight – Temo
12 Kick The Flow – Subscape
14 Like This


Im new to this so just working it all out! Im going to use this to get feedback on new tracks so I have an idea what tunes I should be putting out and playing. Please get involved and let me know what you like and want from my tracks as you thoughts are important. I dont know how to get many followers but please feel free to follow as I shall regularly update this with ideas and snips of track. Add me on Twitter where I shall update when im updating this