Mr. Vandal – Night Mode EP

admin December 17, 2012 0

With the rise of a new genre comes endless sub par tracks from hopeful up and comers hoping to make carve themselves their own little niche of the EDM spectrum, which can unfortunately make it pretty difficult to separate the good from the bad. ”Trap” music is the latest, and for every great producer there’s 100 that aren’t worth the time of day. Mr. Vandal is one of the few who really raise the bar and try and do something different which makes all of his new tunes stand out so much to me.

Case in point, his latest EP “Night Mode“, released on November 28th through bandcamp. It’s got that trap style that you know and love but packaged in such a different (meaning good) way that absolutely raises the bar for other producers taking their shot at becoming the biggest new name in trap.

You can pick the “Night Mode” EP right now on Bandcamp for a mere THREE dollars; help the guy out and throw him a few bucks for these amazing tunes!

1.  Mr. Vandal - Wizard Bass 05:13
2.  Mr. Vandal - Drop Em 05:03
3.  Mr. Vandal - Babylon 04:40
4.  Mr. Vandal - Supa Hot 04:04

Mr. Vandal

22 year old musician living in the states who spends a lot of time making disgusting hood rat computer bass sounds.