Moxix – Warzone

admin October 11, 2012 0

moxix dubstep all stars ep

This is my favorite track off of the “All Stars” EP that Moxix dropped for free download yesterday! You just have to head over to facebook and give him a like in order to get the free download. The EP features seven tracks, three of which he explains were made with friend “J Bone” in order to make fun of/stereotype some common themes in electronic music, while the others were released for free simply because he was tired of waiting on a label to release them.

The entire EP’s tracklist:

1. Warzone
2. With You ft Louis C
3. Kakka VIP ft J.Bone
4. Mashed ft J.Bone
5. Bonefunk ft J.Bone
6. 4Get Vip
7. All Star