Monster Turbine Pro In Ear Headphones Review

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What many of us used to think of as simply the cheap “earbuds” that came with our consumer electronic devices, in ear headphones are becoming increasingly popular among the every day music enthusiast to the seasoned audiophile.

monster turbine pro review in ear headphonesMonster Cables, the designers and producers of the Monster Turbine Pro Headphones, has been a leader in the business of durable, high quality cables for years. More recently they’ve decided to try their hands at crafting headphones, specifically their “Turbine” line of in ear headphones that have received massive amounts of praise from every walk of life in the audio equipment industry.

Today specifically we’ll be looking at the Monster Turbine Pro’s. These are the best quality headphones (and thus most expensive) of Monster’s line of in ear headphones.. But is the quality really enough to warrant the relatively high price tag? After giving these a thorough run through, we believe that the answer is an enthusiastic “YES”!

Besides their sleek, stylish design and build quality, the Monster Turbine Pro’s offer jaw dropping audio quality, some of the best customer service and care available, and boasts tons of accessories and goodies that simply put a cherry on top of this already incredible package.

  • Sleek, stylish copper / chrome design provides an attractive exterior
  • Specially designed “Supertip” ear tips ensure a complete in ear seal for the highest quality audio experience and comfort
  • Two carrying cases included with purchase
  • Included ear tips come in variety of shapes, sizes, and materials in order to find the perfect fit
  • Over the ear hooks included in order to prevent falling out during running, exercising, or activity with a lot of movement
  • Monster Cables, some of the highest quality cables on the market for audio equipment
  • Deep, rich bass response with smooth, warm mids and bright, shimmery highs
  • Fully metal design and construction cancels out unwanted resonance
  • Ultra full and wide three dimensional sound stage
  • Sound isolating ear tips prevent sound from leaking out and external noise from creeping in
  • Pro strain relief design prevents fraying and damage to cables connecting to each earphone
  • Lifetime warranty even if you break them

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In terms of the superficial look and feel, Monster went through a lot of trouble to make a visual statement with these headphones all the way down to precise attention to detail with the packaging. The smooth, bright copper chrome design (which mimmicks the appearance of an actual aircraft turbine engine) screams quality while adding a little bit of reassuring weight to the earphones themselves.

Each earphone is directly attached to a separate cable which meets in the middle in a Y formation, where you’ll find the adjustable cable clip which allows you to find the perfect cable length and monster turbine review headphonesreduce tugging on the earphones themselves while you might be moving around. This is a huge advantage for those who might consider these for sport/running headphones!

Durability is top notch with these too. The company that makes these headphones, Monster Cables, produces some of the highest quality, durable cables for audio equipment in the world. It should come as no surprise that they’ve affixed their superior cables to their Turbine Pros as well, virtually assuring that the cables will never fray or short out.

Monster Cables Pro strain relief design also takes care of a problem I’ve faced with just about every pair of cheap earbuds I’ve owned, too – the cable slowly tearing off of them earphones themselves. The place where these elements connect is built specifically to withstand plenty of abuse and prevent this from happening.

Sound Quality

Thankfully what truly matters on the inside matches the promises of the exterior and then some.

The first time I tried the Monster Turbine Pro’s, I was almost floored by how high quality the sound was. I’m used to full sized over the ear headphones providing a rich, full, wide sound stage due to the construction of the audio drivers and the closed environment in which they function in order to provide anything close to an experience that rivals actually being in front of a stacked sound system at a live performance, but the Monster Turbine Pro’s truly changed my perception of what in ear headphones are capable of!

First and foremost, the sound isolation capabilities of the Monster Turbine Pro’s is outstanding. These earbuds are constructed with a very specific design in order to ensure the maximum amount of sound stays inside while external noise is all but completely eliminated.

monster turbine pros reviews eartips

The Monster Pro Turbines Next To Some Of The Various Shapes/Sizes Of Included Ear Tips

The Monster Turbine Pro’s patented “Supertips” are what make this sealed environment within your ear possible. One of the many accessories that comes with the Turbine Pro’s are these “Supertips“, available in three different materials (foam, gel, and silicone) AND sizes in order for you to find an absolutely perfect fit.

This is crucial to creating a sealed environment where you can really appreciate the sound stage that these are capable of. Once you have that perfect fit, the Monster Turbine Pro’s offer a full bodied, rich sound that I’ve yet to find another pair of in ear headphones or earbuds that are capable of even coming close to.

Bass, of course, is these headphones strong suit. Breathtakingly deep, textured, and wide on a level that I’ve had trouble finding with full size headphones that twice the price as these, the Turbine Pro’s will satisfy the bass head without a second thought.

Mids and highs however are just as high quality as the bass is, although its clear that bass is boosted in order to give these a more “fun”, exciting general feel. Mids are silky smooth, warm, and serve as a perfect compliment to the bright, crystal clear highs and deep bass.
This is a major strength of the Monster Turbine Pro’s that many headphones (especially even some of the best in ear headphones) fail to even come close to. Unlike many cheap headphones that simply blast as much bass as possible, intruding on the mids and highs and causing overall distortion of the sound quality, each frequency range has its own unique place which is never overshadowed by overly “boomy” or obnoxious bass.

The very distinct separation between each sound, instrument, and element is clear and distinct. There’s never any “bleeding” of sound into one element to another, allowing you the listener to pick out and focus on any element of sound that you hear at any time and focus on it without interference.

This makes listening to any genre or type of music on the Monster Turbine Pros a joy. Switching between heavy metal, hip hop, and classical music is no problem – you’ll find that they can handle just about anything you throw at them without flinching, which is an impressive feat for any piece of audio equipment.

Included Accessories

Obviously the design and sound quality of the headphones themselves are priority number one, getting a bunch of awesome accessories with your purchase just makes it all the better. That being said, the Monster Turbine Pros come with one of the most complete accessory packages I’ve seen from any company yet.


monster pro turbine accessories


Supertips – One of the most important aspects of getting the most out of any pair of in ear headphones in getting a proper in ear seal with your ear tips. Unlike full size headphones that simply wrap around your ears and thus a sealed, closed environment, in ear headphones have to accomplish this by sealing off your ear canal.

Thankfully, Monster understands that everyone’s ears are different. What good is amazing sound quality if you can’t experience it to the fullest extent? The Monster Turbine Pros really spoil you when it comes to ear tip varieties. You not only get foam, gel, and silicone ear tips, but they come in multiple sizes and shapes as well! It might take a minute to go through all of them, but you’re virtually guaranteed to find something that works well for you.

monster turbine pros cable management system

Simple But Effective Cable Management

Cable management system – Simple but so effective. I know I can’t stand winding up my earbuds and putting them away only to return to use them only to find that they’ve become a tangled mess I have to spend 10 minutes fiddling with before using. Thankfully the Turbine Pro’s come with a simply set of Velcro strips which hold the cables together in order to prevent any tangling or mess. Could be done just as easily with your own Velcro, but they’re a nice touch.

Over the ear hooks – Depending on how you like to wear your in ear headphones, you may or not find these useful. Although I don’t tend to use them myself, the included over the ear hooks which wrap around your ear work great. These are generally used by people who intend to go running or exercise with the earphones in, which I’m sure many people will find useful.

Soft & semi hard carrying pouches – Oftentimes you’re lucky to get any sort of protective case for your headphones/earbuds, so the inclusion of TWO with the Turbine Pros is definitely welcome!

The soft pouch is pretty similar to any other soft carrying case you might have seen come with many headphones. It won’t do much in terms of really protecting them from damage when the rubber hits the road, but it serves a purpose.

monster pro turbine review cases

The Monster Turbine Pros Come With Not One, But Two Carrying Cases To Suit Different Needs/Situations

The tougher carrying case is made of a tougher velvet material which still isn’t quite as effective as a hard carrying case is (such as is included with the Klipsch Image S4′s), but it’s certainly quality made and tough enough to keep your headphones from suffering any serious damage. It’s small, discreet, and the design reminds me very much of a small coin purse or wallet.

Overall, if you’re looking for some of the indisputably best in ear headphones in the world, the Monster Turbine Pros just might be exactly what you’re looking for. The sound quality across all spectrum’s is practically unheard of among in ear headphones at this time and for the price, you’ll be hard pressed to find any headphones (including full size) that can match these.

On top of the amazing sound quality, impressive set of accessories, and build quality that’s hard to find, the Monster Turbine Pro’s also come with an unlimited LIFETIME warranty, even if you break them! If that doesn’t convince you of the solid build quality of these durable in ear headphones, I’m not sure what will!

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