Klipsch Image S4 Enhanced Bass In Ear Headphones Review

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klipsch image s4 review

The Klipsch Image S4 In Ear Headphones Deliver Professional Quality Sound At A Fraction Of The Price

While full sized headphones might still be the go to for audio professionals, DJ’s, etc. it seems like in ear headphones are becoming more and more popular for the average person these days.

At a fraction of the size of full sized headphones, generally a much lower price, the ability to be worn discreetly, and sound quality that’s beginning to seriously rival that of the full sized competition, it’s no wonder in ear headphones have become the standard for personal audio listening devices.

Klipsch, leaders in the professional audio industry for over 6 decades, have naturally gotten involved in the in ear headphones craze too. Known for their top of the line full sized headphones, speakers, and home theater equipment, Klipsch have managed to make some of the best in ear headphones the industry has to offer and at some of the most reasonable prices.

Audio enthusiasts regard the Klipsch in ear headphones to be some of the best value for their excellent sound quality and build while being available enough (price wise) for the average person.With various models at multiple price points, Klipsch has you covered no matter what your budget might be!

  • Available in two different colors, black and silver
  • Includes three different sizes of washable oval ear tips for maximum comfort
  • Long, durable cable (4.2 feet)
  • Comes with hard metal carrying case for transport/portability
  • Sound isolating oval shaped earbud design seals in sound while preventing external noise from creeping in
  • Small cleaning tool included with purchase

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High Quality Sound

Sound quality, to say the very least, is amazing on the Klipsch S4′s. Especially considering the very reasonable price, these are easily some of the best in ear headphones you can get at anywhere even approaching this price. I’ve listened to in ear headphones that cost three times as much that don’t sound as great as these do, and that’s saying a lot!

klipsch image s4 in ear headphones reviews
The Klipsch Image S4 In ear headphones have amazing sound quality throughout every frequency, but the bass is where they really shine. Due to the tight, sound isolating seal created by the precisely designed oval ear tips, the bass on the Image S4′s is boomy, spacious, and full without interfering whatsoever with the highs and mids. Even at higher volumes, the bass remains lush and textured with plenty of depth.

Highs and mids don’t suffer at all though, despite the fact that bass is clearly the most prominent aspect of these headphones. Highs are bright and crisp, and you’d have to push these into maximum volume range with female vocals in order to really get to an uncomfortable level. Overall, the entire sound stage is very balanced with the Klipsch S4′s, so much so that everything from classical to hip hop sounds excellent.

Extremely Comfortable/Natural Fit

In ear headphones are amazing for a number of reasons, but one of their few downsides is that they’re much more difficult to make comfortable in comparison with their full sized counterparts. Due to the awkward and inconsistent sizes and shapes of different peoples ears, it can be hard to find ones that fit comfortably enough to wear for long periods of time without fatigue.

klipsch image s4 reviews earbudsThankfully the Klipsch Image S4′s were designed with this in mind. Unlike most in ear headphones which feature a more rounded shape, the Klipsch Image S4′s utilize an exclusive oval ear tip shape that allows you to fit the individual earphones into your ears with a natural shape that makes it feel like you’re barely wearing anything at all.

Quite literally you can wear these for hours on end without even feeling them – a HUGE advantage over cheap stock earbuds that you can feel digging into your ear canals after 30 minutes or so!

What struck me as excellent about the earphones as well was how well they stayed put in my ears even with a lot of movement and motion. I’m generally used to cheap earbuds which practically fall right out if you turn your head too fast! Obviously this counts them out as feasible to exercise in.

This isn’t an issue with the Klipsch S4′s, though – try as you might, once you reach a good seal with an oval tip that fits your ears nicely, you can shake your head around furiously without worrying about them falling out – a godsend for those of us who exercise while using in ear headphones!

Klipsch knows that different people have different sizes and shapes to their ears too, which is why they included three different sized washable plastic oval ear tips. These are all washable, and you can easily switch back and forth between different sizes in order to ensure maximum comfort.

Included Metal Carrying Case

klipsch image s4 in ear headphones case reviewProbably the most common cause of all of my cheap earbuds/in ear headphones I’ve owned in the past breaking was due to them being stuffed in bags or in my pocket when not in use. Over time the cables would wear thin, or the earphones themselves would simply fall apart, rendering them useless.

Klipsch designers apparently have had similar experiences, which is why they included a very handy tin carrying case for the Klipsch S4′s!

Around the same size and shape of your standard Altoids tin, the carrying case is small and compact enough to fit in your pocket but has plenty of space inside for your Image S4′s and the alternative plastic earphone tips. This alone can add years to the life of your headphones, as the damage they suffer being loose in your pocket or bag can quickly destroy them.

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