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jphelpz interview

We recently had the pleasure of doing a little Q and A with one of our favorite up and coming bass music producers, John Phelps AKA JPhelpz! If you’re familiar with the music we promote here at rudeboybass then you should already recognize the name JPhelpz. His penchant for creating heavy dubstep/drum and bass smashers with his own variety of robotic, mechanical sounds melded with the dark, swampy side of the bass music stratosphere gives him a sound reminiscent of familiar names such as Funtcase, Getter, Persist, Mantis and the like that’s brought together in a unique way, giving his music a unique flavor that’s all his own.

Along with a number of free singles, JPhelpz has boasted a laundry list of big releases on respected labels such as Xenomorph, Dirt, Lies & Audio Black, Prime Audio, Abducted Records, Lightyear Audio, and so on – many of these over the course of just the last two months alone! With no sign of stopping anytime soon in sight (and even more confirmed releases coming up in the near future), there’s no doubt JPhelpz is bound to be a household name for fellow bassheads this year.

Q) How long have you been producing for, and what originally got you into doing so?

A: I’ve been writing and recording music for about 5 years now, and producing dubstep for just over a year. I started out recording metal tracks under the name “Deathkllr84” and eventually started experimenting with electronic music.

Q) You’ve been quickly making a name for yourself producing some of the heavier side of dubstep over the past year or so; how would you describe your particular sound/style?

A: I guess I would describe my sound as big filthy rhythms. That’s a key element I try to incorporate in all of my tracks, a strong rhythm that people can get into.

Q) According to your social profiles you’re from Illinois; what’s the electronic music scene like where you’re at?

A: Southern Illinois doesn’t have the best scene for EDM, but I was lucky to hook up with a local crew called Killinoize Productions. They got me my first few shows and are all like family to me.

Q) If you could collab with any producer in the world, who would you pick?

A: Funtcase, for sure. His style is unique and he’s such a nice and funny guy as well. I was lucky enough to Skype with him and he gave me some production tips. It definitely inspired me a ton!

Q) Who would you say has influenced your music the most?

A: Getter is a huge influence for me, when I had first seen him play in STL I was amazed. After that show I worked non-stop to try to improve my structure and sound design. Persist and Genetix also influence my sound quite a bit.

Q) Where do you see the state of electronic music moving in the next few years? Do you think dubstep will remain as popular as it is?

A: I can only see it getting more popular. Dubstep is already being incorporated into movies and TV; I imagine it will only take off from here.

Q) Obviously dubstep, drum and bass, drumstep, etc. has been your niche choice for production; are you into any other electronic music genres, and have you ever considered producing anything besides dubstep/drum and bass?

A: I would actually really like to produce some funk tracks, I love funk music. I’ve also made some hip hop beats on the side and may start a side project with some friends. I really enjoy all genres of music, except country. I just can’t relate to country music at all, lol.

Q) Your tunes have begun getting a lot of support in circles of similar artists such as p0gman, Getter, D-Jahsta, and even Funtcase.. what’s that been like?

A: Really really amazing! I can’t express how stoked I am talking and working with my favorite artists. Huge thanks to Timarbury and Ry Legit, without them I probably would have never taken my dubstep tracks seriously.

Q) You’ve been on a roll lately; “The Vibe” just came out last month on RyLegit’s Lightyear Music, while “Prepare To Die” (Xenomorph), “Dem Beatz” (Dirt, Lies, & Audio Black), and the “Sentry Gun EP” (Prime Audio) dropped this month alone! Has this rapid rate of releases been challenging to keep up with?

A: Actually not at all, most tracks that come out have been waiting for release for quite a while. This has definitely been a big month as far as releases though. I hope to a release every month this year if possible.

Q) Any major plans for touring/playing at events and shows this year so far?

A: I may play a show in Miami, as well as go on an Abducted Records tour. Still waiting for confirmation on those however, so promoters get at me!

Q) Obviously music production has become a huge part of your life; what other interests or activities are you into outside of that?

A: Normal stuff – shows, gaming, hanging with friends, etc. I really like going to drum circles. Recently I’ve gotten into Minecraft; it’s a pretty addicting game.

Q) Any pointers or advice for aspiring producers out there?

A: Don’t spam producers with your music, it’s a quick way to get ignored early in your endeavors. It’s best to just do your thing and if you get good enough producers will hear your tunes and get in contact with you themselves. And practice, LOTS of practice.

Big up all my fans, and many thanks to rudeboybass.com for all the support and help they’ve given me. Follow yours dreams people!

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