Dubba Jonny – Testing The Waters EP

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Dubba Jonny’s been around for years dropping some of the better produced tunes out there consistently, generally releasing them through Liyan Records or for free download. He became a favorite of mine early on when he released his “Tutorial On Dubstep Production” and two subsequent sequels that became a three part series.

This time he’s got an entire free EP released this week entitled the “Testing The WatersEP. It’s entirely dubstep consisting of four new tracks; give it a listen to this preview he put out for it a couple of weeks ago and a download if you’re digging it!

Dubba Jonny – Blockbuster
Dubba Jonny – Drinking Man (ft. RJ Duke)
Dubba Jonny – I Take Drugs And I Kill People (ft. The Duke)
Dubba Jonny – Smack It!

Dubba Jonny

Since his debut in 2009, Dubba Jonny has already experienced an unprecedented rise in the dubstep scene. In three short years, the Bournemouth based producer has set himself apart from the rest, while his energetic sets and high-octane production have earned him fans worldwide. The dynamic producer has also made his mark online with his videos routinely clocking up over a million views on YouTube, including ‘A Brief Tutorial On Dubstep Production’ on UKF.


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