Denon AH-D1100 Headphones Review

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While the Denon AH-D1100 headphones might look unassuming at first, they most certainly aren’t just another pair of everyday cans. Packed in this relatively simple yet sleek package lies some of the best headphones in their class.

denon ahd 1100 reviewDenon has been a favorite brand for audio professionals of every walk of life for close to 100 years, spanning DJ’s to professional mastering houses. Their headphones might not boast immediate cheap frills on the outside, but everyone knows it’s on the inside what counts.

As a part of Denons “luxury acoustic” line, these amazing bass heavy over ear headphones live up to that name and then some. These are most definitely excellent headphones for the bass enthusiast – although (thankfully) the low bass frequencies don’t interfere or “muddy” the highs and mids in any way, the Denon AH-D1100′s are some of the best bass headphones you’ll find in this price range.

  • Aluminum ear cups with soft protein leather foam ear cushions for max comfort
  • Acoustic optimizer design improves low frequency extension & smooths overall response by regulating sound pressure balance around the driver
  • 3.5 meter extension cable and soft carrying case included with purchase
  • Part of Denon’s “Acoustic Luxury” line of headphones
  • Adjustable headband with contour fit ergonomic design
  • Tightly coiled bass response along with crispy mids and bright highs
  • Wide, fully three dimensional sound stage with plenty of depth
  • Ear cups can swivel around for achieving a perfectly fitting and closed sound stage
  • Collapsible ear cups allow for safe and easy transportation
  • Soft carrying pouch included with purchase

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Professional Quality Sound Without The Price

One word to accurately describe the AHD 1100′s would be ‘balanced’. The bass feels very tight, punchy, and full, accompanied by the clear and crisp mids and highs. I and most others with experience with these headphones tend denon d1100 headphones review to agree that the bass has a bit more oomph behind it than the mids and highs, but it’s never excessive, nor does it bleed into the high or mid ranges like so many cheap headphones have the problem of doing.

Due to the completely circumaural (over the ear) full sized design and spacious ear cups of the Denon 1100′s, they’ve been able to create an extremely deep and textured three dimensional sound stage. The deep, spacious ear cup dimensions also help to make the three dimensional sound perfect, as well as providing a comfortable fit for long periods of use.

Unlike some over ear headphones which surround the ears yet still press the shallow cups up against your head, the Denon D1100 headphones are deep and full of plenty of space. Along with the soft protein leather foam ear cushions, these features make them effortless to wear for extended sessions of at home listening or mixing.

Denon’s “acoustic optimizer” technology is what provides the three dimensional, wide sound stage that Denon users have become accustomed to. By automatically adjusting the balance of sound pressure in front of and behind the diaphragm of the sound drivers, muffling or distortion that might otherwise cause the audio to sound unclear or muffled in any way is eliminated completely.


denon ah-d1100 reviewWeighing it at just under a pound and a half, the Denon D1100′s are surprisingly lightweight despite their relative bulk. The majority of the headphones themselves are constructed from primarily a tough yet lightweight plastic which is covered in a metal alloy on the exterior.

This allows them to be durable enough to withstand most day to day wear and tear and then some while still being lightweight enough to wear for long periods of time without succumbing to fatigue.

The ear cups are also very easy to wear for hours on end without any discomfort, too. The new contour fit ergonomic design of the padded headband makes it really easy to find the perfect amount of clamping pressure so that they won’t be jostling around or falling off of your head while moving, but light enough to keep from becoming too constricting.

The ear cups also swivel back and forth which allows you to get an absolutely perfect fit as well, which is a HUGE bonus to me. Some of the best headphones in terms of sound quality don’t feature this simple design element which makes a massive difference in comfort level! Not being able to swivel your ear cups also makes it substantially more difficult to achieve a seal around your ear, isolating sound and ensuring that you can actually enjoy the three dimensional sound stage as intended!

Look And Feel

Although it’s purely asthetic, one one of my favorite aspects of just about any Denon headphones is the sleek, stylish look that every model they come out with sports. While not being too flashy or gaudy, the Denon AH-D1100 boast an elegant yet functional design that people are immediately drawn to.

denon ahd1100 headphones review

Among all of the different headphones in my collection, the Denon’s seem to draw the average person in more than any others based purely on looks alone. If having headphones that are as slick looking as they are functional, the AH-D1100′s are a solid choice!

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