DarkstepWarrior – 50,000 Subscribers Mixtape

admin February 22, 2013 0

darkstepwarrior mix

If you’re a big fan of dark, deep, grimy dubstep then the name “DarkstepWarrior” should be no stranger to you. He’s been promoting this specific niche of dubstep for years now, which includes the formation of “Xenomorph Records“, which has housed and kicked off a number of amazing dubstep/drum and bass producers.

In celebration of reaching 50,000 subscribers, he just dropped this fresh new dubstep mix which clocks in at about 40 minutes total! If this kind of dubstep tickles your fancy the way it does mine, I’m sure you’re going to dig it – check the track list and pick up that free download.

01. AlphaBit – Get Down (Audeka Remix) [Xenomorph Recordings]
02. Reso – Creature [Civil Music]
03. Barron – No Escape [Dubplate]
04. 1.8.7 – Untitled [Dubplate]
05. Trampa – Wild dog VIP [Free Download]
06. Symbiotic – Juggernaunt (140 BPM VIP) [Xenomorph Recordings]
07. Killsonik – Slaughterhouse [MTA Records]
08. Atomic – Terminate [Dubplate]
09. Getter – Papercuts [Firepower Records]
10. Datsik ft. Messinian – Automatik [Firepower Records]
11. Chasing Shadows – Amirah [Hench]
12. Megalodon – Mercy Killing VIP [Subway]
13. Barron ft Gravity – Earthquake [Dubplate]
14. Exude – The Attack [Xenomorph Recordings]
15. Sponge Bandits – I Can See You [Xenomorph Recordings]
16. JPhelpz – Robotics [Dubplate]
17. Altazer – My Bad [Dub-All or Nothing]
18. 1.8.7 – Mechanized [Dubplate]
19. Attic & Young D – Sirens [Dubplate]
20.12Gauge – Lets Fuck Up Yo Ears (Sadhu Remix) [Dubplate]
21. Network – Cut To The Chase [Dubplate]