Calvertron – Reconstrukted Remix EP

admin December 21, 2012 0

Damn son, as if Calvertron’s original release of “Deconstrukt” wasn’t heavy enough, he’s taking it to a whole nother level on his “Reconstrukted Remix” EP.

Dropped earlier this week through Jack Knife Records, this EP includes seven remixes (including his own VIP) spanning dubstep, drum and bass, and electro house. As for remixers on the line up, you’re looking at Kezwik, Whiiite, Tany Anthem/Axl Ender, Dank, Will Bailey, and Dickie Drysdale. Every single one of these remixes is worth a listen; give them a listen and pick the EP up now!

01: Calvertron, Messinian — Deconstrukt (Kezwik Remix) [03:48]
02: Melleefresh, Calvertron — 8 Bit Dreamz (Tony Anthem & Axl Ender Remix) [03:00]
03: Calvertron — Subterrania (Whiiite Remix) [04:04]
04: Melleefresh, Calvertron — 8 Bit Dreamz (Dank (USA) Remix) [04:12]
05: Melleefresh, Calvertron — 8 Bit Dreamz (Calvertron VIP Remix) [04:43]
06: Calvertron, Messinian — Deconstrukt (Will Bailey Remix) [04:20]
07: Calvertron — Subterrania (Dickie Drysdale Remix) [04:13]