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best akg k702 headphones review

AKG Headphones Are a Favorite Of Many DJ’s And Audio Enthusiasts For Their Amazing Quality And Attention To Detail

AKG acoustics has been producing audio equipment including headphones for decades, and over time have crafted a brand name for themselves that is synonymous with outstanding quality.

And that’s precisely what you’re getting with the AKG 702 headphones. These have been hailed as some of the best headphones out there in their class, offering the user an amazing three dimensional sound stage flawless reproduction of all audio ranges, all wrapped in the AKG 702′s sleek and comfortable to wear package.

As I’ve heard a number of users say before in the past, these headphones give you the opportunity to enjoy audio at a level that you generally have to go into the four figures range in order to achieve.

When it comes to some of the best headphones for for replicating sound and music to a virtually pristine level, this is where the AKG 702 headphones really shine.

These headphones offer the user the experience of feeling as though they’re standing in a perfect acoustic environment listening the music being played right in front of them on an stacked sound system. Each and every instrument can be heard as a separate entity from one another, and one is able to turn their attention from one to the next while stepping back and hearing it all as one just as the user chooses.

  • Circumaural headphones which go around the ears completely
  • Detachable cable allows the user to switch between different kinds
  • Analytical detail to sound reproduction
  • Extremely full and wide three dimensional sound stage
  • Clean, punchy, and tightly coiled bass response
  • Lightweight, especially with size considered
  • Excellent for mixing and audio production due to the clean, flat sound reproduction
  • Extremely comfortable earcups constructed of a soft velour material
  • Earcups designed to be deep for a wide, airy sound stage and at an angle audio drivers will point precisely at the ear

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Pristine Sound Reproduction Quality

akg k 702 headphones reviews

The Soft Velour Earcups On The K 702 Headphones Makes Wearing For Hours On End Totally Painless

The analytical detail to reproducing a perfect dynamic sound stage is downright breathtaking, with a rich, wide spectrum of sound that feels so open and airy that it’s hard to even compare to most headphones.

This is because the sound the AKG K702′s produce sounds far more like you’re standing in front of a giant speaker system rather than listening with headphones on, which is exactly the intention of the designers!

The sound on each level (highs, mids, and lows) is exceptional – none seems to have been prioritized over the other in any way, which is obvious especially when listening to certain types of music that might tend to emphasize certain characteristics.

For instance, listening to rock and electronic music allows the AKG 702 headphones to prove their ability to replicate tight and punchy bass effortlessly – on the other hand, listen to some classical or jazz and you’ll hear the full range of crisp, bright highs and airy mids.

Comfortable To Wear Over The Ear Headphones Design

Comfort is always a huge priority for me when it comes to really getting down to what separates some of the COULD BE best headphones from what actually ARE the best headphones. Sometimes the best sound in the world isn’t going to cut it if you find yourself quickly fatigued or simply can’t wear a pair of headphones for long periods of time without getting a stiff or cramped neck, the headband digs into the top of your head, the earpads are clamping your head too tightly, etc.

akg headphones review k 702

Every Aspect Of The AKG K702′s Screams Quality, Including The Sleek, Durable Design

Thankfully the AKG K702 headphones don’t have any of these common complains to speak of. The full sized over ear headphones design rests comfortably and unobtrusively on your head, completely surrounding ear each with the large, soft velour earpads.

Despite the fact that they’re large and seem to be bulky, they’re actually surprisingly lightweight compared to many similarly designed and priced headphones in their range.


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