AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones Review

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aiaiai tma-1 headphones reviews

The Simple, Minimalist Design Of The AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones Are One Of Their Greatest Strengths

Created and designed by a team of audio enthusiasts with input from audio professionals on every and all levels including DJ’s such as Flying Lotus and A-Trak, these seemingly innocent looking headphones pack quite a punch for their small package.

It actually took me a while to try them out at all due to my reservations about such simplistic looking headphones actually being able to perform like the large, full sized over the ear headphones, but I was happily surprised (and a little regretful that I hadn’t done so before) after finally doing so!

The name “TMA” was inspired from the “Tycho-Magnetic-Anomaly” from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Fitting for an advanced pair of high quality headphones that are all business!

  • Designed with input from DJ’s and other audio professionals to make them excellent DJ headphones
  • Sound isolating headphones which cover the ears rather than completely surround them
  • Amazing sound reproduction, especially in terms of bass response
  • Simple, minimalist design ensures little to zero chance of mechanical failure or damage
  • Simple and lightweight design allows the user to wear for hours without fatigue
  • Includes high quality carrying pouch with mesh lining and a zipper
  • Adjustable headband for maximum comfort
  • Over ear headphones design ensures little to no sound leakage in OR out
  • Comes with both leather and foam earpads which you can switch between based on preference

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Simple, Minimalist Design

Unlike many full sized headphones that actually seem to revel in their large, bulky frames, the AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones take a completely different approach by forgoing all of the unnecessary bells and whistles in place of pure quality.

aiaiai headphones reviews tma-1

By Using a Simple One Piece Design Without Multiple Mechanical Hinges, Pivots, Etc. The AIAIAI TMA-1′s Are Far Less Susceptible To Damage


The fact that the AIAIAI tma-1′s have such a minimalist design also ensures that they’re extremely lightweight and portable headphones that you don’t have to worry about weighing you down. You can certainly tell that these were designed with the needs of DJ headphones in mind! There’s no big, flashy designs, crazy doodads, or anything other than the black rubber finish over everything and a small logo on the inside of the headband – A godsend for some who hate the bulky look and feel that many modern headphones provide.

Extreme Durability

aiaiai tma-1 review headphones

These Little Cans Pack A Pretty Amazing Amount Of Punch For Their Size – Don’t Let Size Fool You!

This type of design also makes them practically break-proof as well. The headband, earphones, etc. are almost all made from a very bendable, tough rubber. All of it fits together into a single piece, rather than being multiple small mechanical parts which connect with hinges and pivots. This, obviously, prevents the common problem with often used and abused headphones – movable parts breaking.

The entire 1.5 inch thick runner headband is about as sturdy and durable as they come – you really don’t ever have to worry about these things breaking. You can literally pull as hard as you can on the earphones in opposite directions, twisting and turning the AIAIAI TMA-1‘s in all sorts of unnatural directions with no fear of breaking them! That’s the kind of durability I like to see in a pair of quality headphones.

Sound Quality

These closed back headphones pack an amazing punch for being so little, proving that size really doesn’t matter – at least in the matter of quality headphones.

The bass response on the AIAIAI TMA’s is downright exceptional for what seem to be such little headphones, but the proof is there for all to hear. While solid bass is prominent in the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones, the mids and highs aren’t sacrificed at all though – bright, crisp highs and solid midrange sound accompanies the thumping bass to make these some of the richest, wide range headphones in their class.

best headphones aiaiai tma1 review

The Sleek, No Frills Design Of These AIAIAI Headphones Reduces The Chances Of Mechanical Failure To Practically Zero


For not being completely circumaural (or headphones that don’t completely surround the ear), they also do an excellent job at keeping outside noise at bay while leaking very little. You might not get the entirely three dimensional sound stage that some completely over ear headphones provide, but you’ll find that very little sound is able to penetrate them. Again keeping their original function as DJ headphones in mind, this allows the user in a packed noisy club to do their thing without distractions and outside noise interfering.

Two Different Earpad Options

Interestingly, the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones come equipped with two different options as far as the earpads are concerned. One of them is a material called “protein leather” which is a synthetic leather that feels pretty close to the real thing, and the other option is more of a foam material.

aiaiai headphones review tma1 headphones

You Have Your Choice Of Synthetic Leather Or Foam Earpads Based On The Sound And What’s More Comfortable For You


Both are soft, comfortable, and pleasant while resting on the ears, but there seems to be a fairly distinct difference in overall sound quality between the two. The leather earpads sound much better in my opinion, especially when it comes to bass response. Unlike the leather pads, the foam ones seem to allow the highs, mids, and lows to all run together into much too “muddy” of a sound stage for my liking. In order to get the more rich, full sound that the leather pads offer, you’re forced to press them against your head for the same result with the foam pads.

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